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Online RTI Information System

This is a portal to file RTI application/first appeal online along with payment gateway. This Page is under customisation for the Government of Tamil Nadu. Through this portal RTI application/first appeal can be filed by Indian Citizen only for the Departments/Public Authorities of the Government of Tamil Nadu. Please read instructions carefully before submitting the RTI application/First appeal. The followings are the features included

கட்டண நுழைவாயிலுடன் ஆர்டிஐ விண்ணப்பம் / முதல் முறையீட்டை ஆன்லைனில் தாக்கல் செய்வதற்கான போர்டல் இது. இந்த பக்கம் தமிழக அரசுக்கு தனிப்பயனாக்கத்தின் கீழ் உள்ளது. இந்த போர்ட்டல் மூலம் தகவல் அறியும் உரிமை விண்ணப்பம் / முதல் முறையீட்டை இந்திய குடிமகன் தமிழக அரசின் துறைகள் / பொது அதிகாரிகளுக்கு மட்டுமே தாக்கல் செய்ய முடியும். தகவல் அறியும் விண்ணப்பம் / முதல் முறையீட்டை சமர்ப்பிக்கும் முன் தயவுசெய்து வழிமுறைகளைப் படிக்கவும். பின்வருபவை சேர்க்கப்பட்ட அம்சங்கள்

Online Submission of RTI Request

Online Payment Facility


Track the Status of RTI Request Application

Provision to Submit First Appeal

View Status of First Appeal

Frequently Asked Questions

  • To which Public Authority can I file a request through this portal?

    An applicant who desires to obtain information under the RTI Act, 2005 can make a request through this RTI Online Portal to the Departments of Government of TamilNadu and other Public Authorities mentioned in ONLINE RTI request form.

  • The text of the application may be written in the prescribed column of the RTI request form. At present, the text of the application is confined up to 3000 characters only. In case, the text of an application contains more than 3000 characters, it can be uploaded as a PDF attachment in the "Supporting Document" column of the form.

  • After filling the first page of the RTI request form, a non-BPL applicant has to click on "Make Payment" button for payment of the prescribed RTI fee. The applicant can pay the prescribed RTI fee through the following modes:
    (i) Internet banking.
    (ii) Using ATM-cum-Debit card .
    It may be noted that no RTI fee is required to be paid by a citizen who is below poverty line, as per RTI Rules, 2005. However, the BPL applicant must attach a copy of the certificate issued by the appropriate government in this regard, along with the application.

  • On submission of an application, a unique registration number will be issued, which may be referred by the applicant for any future reference. It may be noted that the application filed through this RTI Online Portal will reach electronically to the "Nodal Officer" of the Public Authority and "Not" to the PIO of the concerned Department Government of TamilNadu . The Nodal Officer will transmit the RTI application electronically to the concerned PIO.

  • For making an appeal to the first Appellate Authority, the applicant has to select the option "Submit First Appeal" in the RTI Online Portal and fill up the form that will appear. The registration number and e-mail ID of the original application is required for filing the first appeal.